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As an ever evolving company, Granville are committed to keeping you in the loop. From new products and business updates to helpful tips on getting the best out of our products, you can find it here.


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Article first published Wednesday 29th May 2024 14:44

Granville Cockpit Shine is a silicone-based Cockpit Shine that restores that 'new-look shine' to all interior and exterior trim. 

30 Years of Service at Granville Oil & Chemicals - John Rice and Glyn Selby

Article first published Monday 13th May 2024 14:15

Congratulations to John Rice and Glyn Selby on their 30 Years of Service at Granville Oil & Chemicals.
Thank you for your hard work. We appreciate your dedication.
Happy workiversary!


Article first published Friday 26th Apr 2024 11:55

Granville FS-RN 0W/20 is a high quality fully synthetic engine oil for use in petrol & diesel engines where RN17 FE is required. The blend of specially selected additives and base oils offer optimal performance and fuel efficiency whilst extending component life.

A1 Spring Trade Show 2024

Article first published Thursday 18th Apr 2024 13:39

Granville Oil and Chemicals Ltd are pleased to be exhibiting at the A1 Spring Trade Show 2024 at St. George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent this week. As a Supplier to A1 Motor Stores we are proud to be showing our new Exhibition Stands, Brochure and Products. These include our new Pro Finish Valeting Range. Paul, Justin and Nick are looking forward to seeing all our A1 customers.

Introducing the new TYRE AID Emergency Puncture Repair

Article first published Wednesday 17th Apr 2024 10:10

Granville Tyre Aid is a temporary puncture repair designed to get you moving after a puncture without having to remove the road wheel. Tyre Aid seals and inflates the tyre with its unique combination of sealant and gases.


Article first published Monday 8th Apr 2024 12:09

As Granville continues its unprecedented growth and evolution, we are pleased to announce the installation of 3 brand-new storage tanks here at our South Yorkshire production facility.


Article first published Wednesday 31st Jan 2024 13:10

In the pursuit of a carbon-neutral future, the UK faces the challenges of transitioning to electric vehicles, but is still very much reliant on internal combustion engines to bridge the gap. For many drivers, however, the reluctance to embrace electric vehicles is driven (excuse the pun) by concerns about range, charge point availability (and cost), and the time required to plug in and recharge.


Article first published Friday 1st Dec 2023 08:46

Granville FS-PC 0W/20 is a specially formulated fully synthetic mid-SAPS engine oil to meet the performance and protection requirements of the very latest Stellantis group DV5R & EB2DT engine types including the use of stop/start technology.  Specially selected additives and base stock offer excellent economy whilst protecting against low speed pre-ignition (LSPI).

The evolution and rebrand of Granville

Article first published Wednesday 6th Sep 2023 12:00

Granville has grown from occupying the space above a residential garage, through sub-letting office space from British Benzol and finally moving into its own premises in the mid-nineties; the journey has been one of continued evolution and improvement. 
Managing Director, James Holland, takes you on that journey:


Article first published Monday 31st Jul 2023 14:45

Following on from the highly successful launch of our new Oil bottle and the re-labelling of the Hypalube and Ancillary lubricants. The latest product to get our designer’s handy work is the range of Cockpit Shine. After many years the look of Cockpit Shine is changing.


Article first published Wednesday 12th Jul 2023 14:30

As we continue to evolve, we’ve decided to make some big changes by upgrading our on-site tank farm! Watch this space for future updates, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!


Article first published Wednesday 1st Mar 2023 12:40

Whilst rebranding, we decided to introduce a completely new look and feel to the Hypalube range, with the new trade bottle being the first to embody the new look of Granville. The strong lines and sharp corners are tempered slightly with rounded corners for a modern look whilst the bottle remains unmistakably Granville with the addition of subtle hexagons to add interest and grip to the chunky easy-grip handle. 


Article first published Saturday 1st Oct 2022 12:35

Granville EV range of lubricants are low viscosity fully synthetic engine oils specially formulated for use with hybrid-electric (H.E.V) plug-in hybrid vehicles. (P.H.E.V) where specified. Suitable for petrol engines, turbocharged or naturally aspirated with direct or indirect injection, and is compatible with catalytic converters. Protects against low speed pre-ignition (LSPI).

Feature: Granville FS-A and EV-16 Engine Oil

Article first published Friday 13th Aug 2021 17:22

We’re thrilled to announce the immediate availability of two new engine oils to our popular Gold Range, Granville FS-A and EV-16 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil!

Feature: Granville FS-FE Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Article first published Friday 30th Apr 2021 10:44

We are pleased to welcome FS-FE 0W/20 to our popular Gold Range!
FS-FE 0W/20 is an ultra-high performance fully synthetic low viscosity engine oil using the very latest in additive technology to give ultimate engine protection and engine performance. Suitable for use in petrol & diesel engines, both turbo-charged and naturally aspirated, including vehicles with exhaust after treatment devices.

DCT & CVT Fluids Now Available in a 5L Size!

Article first published Monday 8th Mar 2021 09:00

Due to an increased customer demand and more recent transmission systems holding a higher capacity, we’ve introduced our popular DCT and CVT fluid in a handy 5L size!

Feature: Granville FS-MB & FS-RX Synthetic Oil

Article first published Thursday 25th Feb 2021 09:00

We are pleased to welcome two new additions to our ever-growing Gold Range, Granville FS-MB 0W/40 and FS-RX 5W/30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil!

Flunkey Super Absorbent Car Cloth by Vileda, now available at Granville!

Article first published Thursday 10th Sep 2020 12:30

Granville are delighted to add the Flunkey Super Absorbent Car Cloth by Vileda to its portfolio of brands! Vileda has been world renowned for over 70 years and provides high quality cleaning products for both the home and automotive industry.

Expansion of Granville Premises

Article first published Tuesday 1st Sep 2020 11:33

Granville are pleased to announce that the expansion of our head office premises is finally complete!

Granville: The New Home of Abro Products in the UK!

Article first published Friday 1st May 2020 10:30

Granville are thrilled to announce that they are now the new home of Abro Products and will be distributing them across the UK!

Feature: Granville FS-VX Synthetic Oil

Article first published Monday 30th Mar 2020 10:30

We’re pleased to introduce the latest member of our popular Gold Range, Granville FS-VX 0W/20 Fully Synthetic Engine oil!

Selected ATF's Now Available in a 5L Size

Article first published Friday 3rd Jan 2020 10:20

With an increased customer demand and more recent transmission systems holding a capacity of 4/5 litres, we’ve introduced ATF 1375.4, ATF DVI and ATF LG6 in handy 5 litre size!

Granville wins CAAR Supplier of the Year Award!

Article first published Thursday 3rd Oct 2019 11:15

We are extremely proud to announce that Granville won the CAAR Supplier of the Year Award – Lubricant and Chemicals 2019 for the second consecutive year! This award recognises the consistently high service levels and quality products we strive to provide our customers and it is a great privilege to receive this accolade.

Feature: Granville Sub Zero -15┬░c Screen Wash

Article first published Wednesday 4th Sep 2019 16:00

Granville are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new and improved Methanol free Sub Zero Screen Wash! Fully compliant with all UK and EU laws, Sub Zero Screen Wash is a highly concentrated windscreen washer additive formulated to effortlessly remove traffic film, grease and insect residue from the windscreen, whilst preventing water in the washer bottle freezing during the winter by protecting down to -15°c.