Aston Martin Centenary Rally 2019

The Aston Martin Centenary Rally was a huge success, with sponsors Autosol and Veedol providing their full support for the duration of the event.

The event began at London’s RAC Club, where participants were given a goodie bag - courtesy of the Rally’s sponsors - filled with Autosol branded powerbanks, embroidered microfibre cloths and a 75ml tube of Autosol Metal Polish, as well as a Veedol branded commemorative glass and engraved pen.

On 6th June, 50 Aston Martin cars – from the legendary DB5 (popular with a well-known fictional spy!) and the vintage Lagonda, to the more modern Vanquish and DB11 – departed from the bustling atmosphere in London’s Pond Square, where complimentary tubes of Autosol Metal Polish were handed out.

The next stop was York, with participants sitting for dinner at the celebrated Railway Museum. A stunning venue provided the perfect backdrop for the Sponsors teardrop banners.

Finally, we made our way to rainy Edinburgh, meeting the participants at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. The hotel is proudly overlooked by the Edinburgh Castle where participants enjoys a traditional Scottish, 5 course meal.

To see more of the cars, watch our short video documenting the event!

Article first published Friday 14th Jun 2019 15:35:22
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