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Feature: Granville FS-EX and FS-GX Synthetic Oils

Granville are pleased to announce the immediate availability of two new oils to our Performance Range – FS-EX and FS-GX.

FS-EX 0W/20 is the latest generation in C5 low viscosity engine oils. It is a high-performance fully synthetic engine oil, specially suited to new Jaguar, Land Rover and Mercedes engines requiring the ultimate in engine protection and performance whilst offering maximum fuel efficiency. Suitable for use in vehicles fitted with exhaust emission after treatment devices that require this specification and viscosity of engine lubrication.

Granville FS-GX 5W/30 is a high-performance fully synthetic engine oil that provides protection against low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) issues especially those associated with smaller capacity turbo-charged engines.

Article first published Monday 11th Feb 2019 11:45:20

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