VEEDOL: An OEM Approved Range

The facilities that produce approved lubricants must meet stringent requirements and products holding approvals have undergone extensive manufacturer testing and analysis to ensure that they are 100% compatible with the requirements of the engines they are matched to.

Why Are OEM Approvals Important?

As emissions requirements become more stringent and expectations on fuel economy increase, engine manufacturers are pushing the boundaries with tighter tolerances and more advanced technologies. To ensure that engines run smoothly and efficiently it is vital that the lubricant works as the engine manufacturer intended. OEM Approved engine oils are tested and certified by Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault and others guaranteeing the needs of the engine are met.

An International Heritage

Internationally, the Veedol brand has long been associated with these qualities. Since being chosen as the engine oil of the ‘Model T Ford;’ powering aeroplanes. airships and breaking 9 world records in a Diesel Mercedes-Benz - Veedol lubricants have a proven a track record of outstanding performance, durability and reliability.

Article first published Thursday 22nd Dec 2016 12:10:00
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