Granville has the manufacturing capabilities to provide a variety of high-quality grade vehicle-specific lubricants all meeting the latest technical specifications. We also manufacture and stock a wide range of chemical products.


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A perfect blend of synthetic base oils and modern hi-tech additive systems, which helps achieve optimum performance and ensures outstanding engine protection against wear even at extreme temperatures/under severe duty conditions. Low SAPS technology ensures longer life of exhaust treatment devices like DPF, TWC, GPF, EGR and SCR.

OEM Approvals:

  • VW: 505.01, 502.00 & 505.00
  • MB-Approval: 229.52 & 229.51
  • GM: dexos 2™
  • BMW: LL-04

Recommended for use by Granville for the following manufacturer's specifications:

  • ACEA: C3
  • API: SN


SizeCase QtyPart NoPallet QtyBarcode
1 Litre65000805020618050001
5 Litre45001405020618050018


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