Granville has the manufacturing capabilities to provide a variety of high-quality grade vehicle-specific lubricants all meeting the latest technical specifications. We manufacture and stock a wide range of chemical products as well.


Granville ATF MV

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The latest ATF technology designed to meet multi-vehicle requirements.

Meets the requirements of:

MB: 236.6, 236.7, 236.9, 236.3 & 236.5
ZF: TE-ML-03D, TE-ML-16L, TE-ML-17C, TE-ML-04D & TE-ML-14B
Ford: WSS-M2C924-C, WSS-M2C202-B, Mercon, Mercon SP, Mercon V, WSS-M2C195-A & WSS-M2C166-H
VAG: G 055 025-A2, G 052 162 & G 052 990-A2
Toyota: T-IV, WS & JWS3309
Mopar: ATF+3 & ATF+4 (7176)
Texaco: 7045-E, ETL-8072B & N402
Volvo: 11 61 540-8
Nissan: Matic K & Matic J
Saab: 93 165 147 & 3309
Honda: ATF-Z1
Esso: LT71141ATF
Voith: G607
GM: 93160393, Dexron III H/M, Dexron II D/E & 9986195
ATF: SPII, SPIII & Type A, Suffix A (TASA)
Shell: LA2634
Idemitsu: K17
Allison: C4


SizeCase QtyPart NoPallet QtyBarcode
1 Litre60004805020618000044
5 Litre40005405020618000051
20 Litre10086325020618000860
205 Litre1002145020618000211


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